5 SEO Tips to Implement for Your Website In 2022

Written by Ethan He

July 19, 2022


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Bloggers and site administrators know the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) for business. This digital marketing strategy allows you to reach your target audience through organic or unpaid traffic from search engines. The process may sound relatively simple. You just have to position your website in the top spot of Google’s or Bing’s results pages for relevant keywords. However, it can be challenging to grab that first place in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Think about it: almost all companies have developed sites for the goal of introducing people to their business. This phenomenon implies that competition for consumers’ attention is intense, and you have to make sure that you employ effective strategies to set your business apart from your competitors.


1. Ramp Up your Link Building Efforts

Link building refers to the process of getting backlinks, meaning links from other websites that direct web visitors to your website. In addition to keywords, search engines continue to use links as rating signals. Reason being, Google and Bing see backlinks as a vote of confidence in the information on the page.

If your website has a lot of inbound links, it’s highly likely to get the best position in the SERPs because it’s used by other sites as a reference when publishing their own content. In 2022, you still have to monitor your rank and improve it through link building methods, like guest posting and reaching out to authority figures in your niche market.


2. Package your Content Using Different Media Formats

While words will always be present to elaborate on the concepts you want to publish, you should also include visually compelling media such as photos and videos. Be careful about putting huge blocks of text on your articles or posts as this may put off most of your visitors.

These days, consumers prefer to look at infographics and watch videos since these media formats allow you to pack in a lot of information without overwhelming the reader. They also enable you to present data in an appealing and entertaining way, while still educating viewers.


3. Learn How to Maximize Analytics Tools

Although there’s nothing wrong with relying on a digital marketing agency for SEO, you should be more hands-on with your campaign in 2022. This means that you have to stay on top of your site’s analytics. Monitoring this aspect can provide you with insight into the elements that are working for your ranking, as well as the areas that need improvement. Use a website traffic checker such as Google Analytics to check your domain’s performance, especially in the SERPs.


4. Enhance your Site’s Mobile-Friendliness

Search engines took into account the fact that most users prefer mobile phones when surfing the web.Due to this, mobile-friendliness has become one of the most crucial ranking ratings that site administrators should prioritize.

Google and Bing aim to deliver high-quality results to web users. That’s why they always update their algorithms to cater to the users preferences.

The majority of people are tethered to their phones, whether it’s to use search engines or scroll through their news feeds. Regardless of their reasons, consumers are more comfortable navigating the web through their mobile devices, which is why you should ensure that your site still looks good on a smaller screen.


5. Implement Voice-Optimization SEO Strategy

One of the most important SEO factors, voice search optimization (VSO), has increased due to advances in artificial intelligence like Apple’s Siri and Amazon Alexa. In 2022, there will be more of this type of query, and you should brace your site by incorporating long-tail keywords.

Most users would utilize complete sentences, similar to when they’re asking a friend. For instance, they’d be more likely to search for “how to clean a change a tire” when using voice search. However, they’d be more inclined to use shortcuts when typing it out, like ‘changing tires’ or ‘tire change tips.’ You have to find a way to incorporate these key phrases into your content so that they’ll show up for relevant searches.


I hope that you now feel ready to take on the new year! With a strategic approach and some prior organization, you have the opportunity to significantly boost sales and grow your brand. If you need help implementing any of the above suggestions, please contact me! You know I am always happy to help. 

Ethan He

About Ethan He

Ethan is a Full Stack Web Developer and SEO Specialist based in Pittsburgh, PA. In his free time, Ethan enjoys working on various projects involving Ruby, Vue and AWS applications.

Ethan graduated from The Firehose Project coding bootcamp in 2016 with a focus on Ruby on Rail and Computer Software engineering.