Why PHP Still Matters

Written by Ethan He

September 15, 2023

PHP Web Development

Thanks to internet that allows business today to reach any area of the globe, modern websites are not constrained by any boundaries. Any business that wants to develop and stay competitive needs to have a website. In the last few years, a variety of technologies and methodologies for developing websites have been developed, but PHP has emerged as the most prominent.

It is an excellent platform for creating websites and web applications. PHP is used by about 80% of websites throughout the world. It is also the primary underlying technology in many of today’s content management systems. For many businesses, PHP is indeed a preferred choice when it comes to their website.


What is PHP?

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is an open-source and free server-side programming language. It is a large community-developed and maintained general-purpose language. PHP is used to handle the back-end or server-side architecture of a website or web application. As a result, PHP code is run on the server, leaving only plain HTML code on the client side to be displayed to users by a web browser.

PHP can fetch data from a server and insert it into the HTML DOM, but it lacks the HTML control that JavaScript has. It can connect to various databases, run scripts on HTML, initiate sessions, and perform a variety of other functions.

PHP allows you to accomplish a lot of things and create compelling web applications. And it is for this reason that this server-side scripting language is so popular.


Why PHP Still Matters in 2023

1) Free and Open Source

It is a cost-effective option because it is a free server-side language that can be used to construct any form of web solution, including websites, eCommerce stores, and web applications. The community is responsible for ensuring that the language is not only current but also relevant in terms of web development trends. Because PHP is such a popular language for website development, there is no shortage of expert developers that can assist you in building a solid website or web app or taking care of your problems.


2) It is Easy to Learn

PHP is easy to learn, with well-organized and clear code. The sentence structure is straightforward; anyone who can code in any dialect will pick up PHP quickly. New developers benefit from a quick learning curve when it comes to learning PHP as a scripting language.

New PHP developers can also join the team in the middle of a project without getting lost in the code because the code is well-organized and clean.


3) Compatible with CRMs

The fact that PHP is extensively utilized in a variety of content management systems is one of the primary reasons to use it as your web development technology. WordPress, Drupal, Magento, PrestaShop, Joomla, and other major content management systems are written in PHP or employ a PHP-based foundation.


4) Flexiable and Stable

PHP is one of the most flexible programming languages available. Designers may be more creative and offer more up-to-date features to keep people interested and hooked because it is an open-source language. New developers can benefit from extensions and plugins to help them overcome programming hurdles.

Numerous modifications and corrections have been made to PHP since its introduction. PHP is one of the most powerful programming languages accessible as a result. This has become more reliable and user-friendly with each new version of PHP.

After more than two decades of research, any experienced programmer would tell you that PHP is one of today’s top server-side programming languages, even if they don’t use it themselves.


5) Plenty of Support and Resources

Another benefit of using PHP for web development is that it provides a wealth of materials and tools for developers who wish to add unique features or functionalities to their website.

PHP provides great tools that are ready to use, whether the developer requires editors, dependency managers, documentation tools, or frameworks. One can learn PHP and discover new approaches to construct a web solution by looking through the materials available online. On the web, there are a plethora of resources for PHP programming that cover practically every aspect of the profession. PHP also has a large number of extensions that can be used to create the correct solutions for the clients’ needs.



PHP is a popular web technology that can be found in a variety of web solutions, including simple websites, eCommerce stores, and web applications. PHP is a cost-effective and simple-to-learn coding language that is ideal for developing a variety of web solutions because it is open-source and free.

It allows you complete flexibility over how you may construct a web solution, whether you want to make a website or a web app. It’s a great server-side scripting language that’s a great way to build feature-rich online applications.

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